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Working with groups of people requires special skill, experience and careful preparation.

Success = when the Objectives, the Participants, the Place and the Process meet in a special way.

The execution of the process requires skill in human behavior, using a creative process and populating hard business outcomes according to modern strategic theory. Doing this in a fun way, keep them laughing and color in with storytelling is the road to a successful outcome.

Team Building, Motivational speaking, Coaching and 7 steps to happiness are areas not addressed, though there is always elements of it in the sessions.

We offer professional event execution in the following areas:

 Focused research on a particular topic and presenting it in Keynote manner

 Facilitation of strategic sessions

 Problem solving workshops finding solution beyond the obvious

 Leading workshops and conferences

 Key note speaker for events

Other topics and workshops include

 The Strategy of the Knowledge Organization

 Innovation and Creativity in the pursuit of a better tomorrow

 Technical Communication

 The Art of Facilitation for managers; a three day workshop

 Footprints in the Fog: What is not in the news. 2011Shape your life, Shape your investments.

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