Articles written for the South African Institute of Industrial Engineering, The Wedding Guide, Pretoria East Toastmaster club....


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 Public Speaking: Adding the Varnish :

Beyond mere words: let your voice and body speaki


 After dinner speech planning :

The dos and don'ts of the After Dinner speech


 The Ghost Story :

Your ultimate key to shiver their spines!


 The Art of Humor :

How to make them laugh in business and life


 Sport, Wealth and Life :

Perspectives form the 4th team on sport and its players. It gives advice on wealth management . (References not complete)


 An unfair Advantage:

How to have Creativity in meetings


 Marching on the Edge of the Parade :

A view on the world today and how to have a positive creative impact on it


 A Bundle of Skills :

We are so much greater than the sum of our capabilities. This article explores the Core Competency principle


 The Wedding master of ceremonies:

An article to be published in the 2010 edition of the Wedding Guide


 The Role of Innovation and creativity in Business Process Management :

An article to in the 2007 edition SA Institute of Management Services



 MBA graduation speech Unisa School of Business leadership :

Coping in a complex future



 The Grandmother of Stock Exchange scams

History repeats itself...



 The Spoken Word :

A first step to master to greatest skill of them all



 AFTER DINNER SPEECH: SA Institute of Industrial Engineers :

About news, views and survival en-route to 2015




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