Updated 8 April 2012

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For feedback on the good, the bad or any suggestions, please help to make a greater project even greater .


Give views and ideas →

Text Box: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." 
Albert Einstein

The Process


Now go to the MAP site and follow the instructions.


Always go for “CREATE ACCOUNT” Just give yourself a new user ID


When testing, for financial advisor input give anything as long as it is completed. Just use a fake email address like, “fake@gmail.com”


You will receive detail reports after about 5 minutes.



Profiling →



The MAP Profiling System needs feedback to grow and improve.


It forms part of bi-weekly schedule changes. This is the ONLY place where changes to be applied for.


A detailed Afrikaans manual is in progress and will be available soon.

IT Project management in a nutshell


In compiling your feedback and suggestions, first get a feel of how it works.


Project management principles →

Test and Improve

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